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Our Most Popular Door Styles

  • The Riverside
  • Classic Flat
  • The Freedom
  • The Columbia
  • Nevada Flats
  • Square Raised Panel

How to Measure for Cabinet Doors

Measuring for Cabinet Doors can seem daunting. Get all the info you need to measure correctly in this easy to follow video. Please note we only accept ACTUAL door sizes .

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Classic Series


  • Roman Eyebrow
    Roman Eyebrow
    DF: DFT-01-202-110
    Door: 011-01-202-110 (cherry)
  • Square Raised Panel
    Square Raised Panel
    DF: 402-00-000-110
    Door: 003-01-202-110 (cherry)
  • Roman Arch
    Roman Arch
    DF: 401-00-000-110
    Door: 005-01-202-110 (cherry)
  • Double American
    Double American
    DF: DFT-01-203-113
    Door: 015-03-203-113 (maple)
  • American Arch
    American Arch
    DF: 401-00-000-113
    Door: 010-03-203-113 (maple)
  • Square Raised Panel
    Square Raised Panel
    DF: 403-00-000-113
    Door: 003-03-203-113 (maple)
  • Cathedral Eyebrow
    Cathedral Eyebrow
    DF: DFT-01-209-109
    Door: 008-01-209-109 (hickory)
  • Cathedral Arch
    Cathedral Arch
    DF: 401-00-000-109
    Door: 004-01-209-109 (hickory)
  • Square Raised Panel
    Square Raised Panel
    DF: 509-00-000-109
    Door: 003-01-209-109 (Hickory)


  • Glass Four Lite
    Glass Four Lite
    DF: 409-00-000-110
    Door: 003-03-G04-111 (birch)
  • Flat Roman
    Flat Roman
    DF: DFT-01-FPL-110
    Door: 905-01-FPL-110 (birch)
  • Classic Flat
    Classic Flat
    DF: 401-00-000-110
    Door: 903-01-FPL-110 (birch)
  • Flat Double Roman
    Flat Double Roman
    DF: DFT-03-FPL-107
    Door: 907-03-FPL-107 (knotty pine)
  • Flat American
    Flat American
    DF: 401-00-000-107
    Door: 910-03-FPL-107 (knotty pine)
  • Classic Flat
    Classic Flat
    DF: 401-00-000-107
    Door: 903-03-FPL-107 (knotty pine)
  • Glass Frame
    Glass Frame
    DF: 502-00-000-111
    Door: 003-03-G01-111 (knotty pine)


  • The Hemingway
    The Hemingway
    DF: 072-00-209-000
    Door: 032-00-209-000 (alder)
  • The Richmond
    The Richmond
    DF: 076-00-202-000
    Door: 036-00-202-000 (alder)
  • The Wilmington
    The Wilmington
    DF: 976-00-FPL-000
    Door: 936-00-FPL-000 (alder)
  • The Nevada
    The Nevada
    DF: 753-00-202-000
    Door: 703-00-202-000 (white oak)
  • The Williamsburg
    The Williamsburg
    DF: 075-00-209-110
    Door: 035-00-209-110 (white oak)
  • The Savannah
    The Savannah
    DF: 975-00-FPL-000
    Door: 935-00-FPL-000 (white oak)
  • Nevada Flats
    Nevada Flats
    DF: 853-00-FPL-110
    Door: 803-00-FPL-110 (birch)
  • The Jacobson
    The Jacobson
    DF: 078-00-203-000
    Door: 038-00-203-000 (birch)
  • Flat Jacobson
    Flat Jacobson
    DF: 978-00-FPL_000
    Door: 938-00-FPL_000 (birch)
  • The Camden
    The Camden
    DF: 070-00-209-000
    Door: 030-00-209-000 (PGMaple/MDF)
  • The Charleston
    The Charleston
    DF: 970-00-FPL-000
    Door: 930-00-FPL-000 (PGmaple/mdf)

Mission Style

Solid MDF

Premium Series


  • Square Raised Panel
    Square Raised Panel
    DF: 401-00-000-108
    Door: 003-03-202-108 (walnut)
  • Square Raised Panel
    Square Raised Panel
    DF: 401-00-000-102
    Door: 003-01-203-102 (Brazilian Cherry)
  • Square Raised Panel
    Square Raised Panel
    DF: 506-00-000-111
    Door: 003-01-206-117 (spanish cedar)
  • Square Raised Panel
    Square Raised Panel
    DF: 509-00-000-106
    Door: 003-09-209-106 (heart pine)
  • Square Raised Panel
    Square Raised Panel
    DF: 404-00-000-110
    Door: 003-09-204-110 (pecky cypress)
  • Mission 5 Lite
    Mission 5 Lite
    DF: 401-00-000-
    : 003-02-G05-111 (maple)
  • Flush Raised Panel
    Flush Raised Panel
    DF: DFT-02-207-114
    Door: 003-02-207-114 (german beech)
  • Freedom 4 Lite
    Freedom 4 Lite
    DF: 401-00-000-118
    Door: 042-02-GO4-111 (cherry)
  • The Independence
    The Independence
    DF: 241-02-RVP-110
    Door: R41-02-205-110 (knotty alder)
  • The Freedom
    The Freedom
    DF: 242-02-RVP-111
    Door: R42-02-210-111 (hickory)
  • The Liberty
    The Liberty
    DF: 240-02-FPL-104
    Door: 040-02-FPL-104 (maple)
  • The Patriot
    The Patriot
    DF: 244-02-RVP-111
    Door: R44-02-RVP-111 (hard maple)
  • The Independence
    The Independence
    DF: 401-00-000-112
    Door: 041-02-RVP-112 (cherry)
  • Open Louver
    Open Louver
    DF: 401-00-000-111
    Door: 016-00-LUV-111 (stain poplar)
  • Flat Reverse Panel
    Flat Reverse Panel
    DF: 401-00-000-116
    Door: 003-03-RVP-116 (clear pine)


  • The Lancaster
    The Lancaster
    DF: 071-00-204-000
    Door: 031-00-204-000 (Afr Mahogany)
  • The Hampton
    The Hampton
    DF: 073-00-209-111
    Door: 033-00-209-000 (mahogany)
  • The Newberry
    The Newberry
    DF: 767-00-RPB-000
    Door: 717-00-RPB-000 (sapele)
  • The Jackson
    The Jackson
    DF: 079-00-RVP-000
    Door: 039-00-RVP-000 (cypress)
  • The Fallsbrook
    The Fallsbrook
    DF: 701-00-207-000
    Door: 751-00-207-000 (yellow pine)
  • The Windsor
    The Windsor
    DF: 755-00-RVP-000
    Door: 705-00-RVP-000 (ash)
  • The Savannah
    The Savannah
    DF: 975-00-FPL-000
    Door: 935-00-FPL-000 (knotty pine)
  • The Murray
    The Murray
    DF: 759-00-204-000
    Door: 709-00-204-000 (basswood)
  • The Baker
    The Baker
    DF: 761-00-203-000
    Door: 711-00-203-000 (wild cherry)
  • The Wateree
    The Wateree
    DF: 248-00-FPL-000
    Door: 048-00-203-000 (red oak)
  • The Lonestar
    The Lonestar
    DF: 246-00-RVP-000
    Door: 046-00-RVP-000 (alder)
  • The Carriage House
    The Carriage House
    DF: 752-00-202-000
    Door: 702-00-202-000 (white oak)
  • The Ocracoke
    The Ocracoke
    DF: 974-00-FPL-000
    Door: 934-00-FPL-000 (birch)
  • The Jackson
    The Jackson
    DF: 079-00-206-000
    Door: 039-00-206-000 (Pgmaple/mdf)

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